Thursday, March 3, 2011

An open letter to the California Supreme Court

Please read the open letter below from Ed Watson, watch the video, and if you are moved as I am, click this link to sign the petition to ask the California Supreme Court to lift the stay of marriage equality in California.

Dear Courage Campaigner,

Yesterday I found out the California Supreme Court denied a motion to speed up the Prop 8 trial. They're going to take their summer recess and come back in around 6 months or so. It must be nice for them.

Thing is, I am 78 years old, and I have Alzheimer's disease. I have been with my partner, Derence, for over 40 years. And if the courts drag this out for months and months, I fear I will, God forbid, lose the ability to recognize my beloved Derence when he gets on his knee to propose to me.

I can't afford that, and Derence deserves better. That's why I agreed to be named in Courage Campaign's amicus curiae letter to the 9th Circuit, asking that the stay be lifted so I can at least have my dignity on our wedding day.

Please watch this video of me and my partner Derence, and then co-sign our letter to the 9th Circuit, begging them to lift the stay while the California Supreme Court drags its feet.

If the California Supreme Court is going to take its time, then we deserve the dignity of marriage...before I can't remember what marriage is.


Ed Watson, Palm Springs, CA

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