Sunday, July 1, 2018

Out Films: Kyle Krieger's Short Film "Sports!"

From Kyle Krieger's new short film, "Sports!"

The new short film by Instagram hunk Kyle Krieger, titled “Sports!,” takes a light-hearted look at how honest gay men may or may not be with their friends (or themselves).

Krieger’s official synopsis reads, “When Zach (Zach Graves) brings along his thirsty, nosey roommate, Eduardo (Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell), to his basketball pick-up game with his straight, hot friend Cody (Cody Callahan) the outcome of the game takes an unexpected turn when Zach has to confront which team he is really on.”

Last year, Krieger released his first short film “Boyfriend,” which also explored the issue of honesty, particularly the honesty of gay men who don’t reveal their existing relationships as they flirt and lead on a new romantic connection.

With a huge following on Instagram (over 1.5 million), and a YouTube channel that has garnered over 200K subscribers and over 18 million views, Krieger makes a point to not take his InstaFame too seriously.

His bio on the social media platform reads, “Being popular on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly money.”

We like artists who take their art seriously but not themselves.

Check out the short film as well as a few selections from Krieger’s burgeoning social media below.

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