Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pop Power-Ballad: Linda Eder "Vienna"

I hadn't heard Linda Eder's vocal opus "Vienna" in a while, and came across this concert video from a few years back.

Eder first came to fame winning the 1988 edition of the TV talent show Star Search. She later met and married Frank Wildhorn, who would become her writer/producer and husband.

She starred in Wildhorn's Broadway musical Jekyll & Hyde and developed a huge cult following.

I've always been a fan of a big 80/90s pop ballad. (This song was written in the 80s, but Eder didn't release a recording of the song until her 1991 self-titled album).

While she doesn't have the acting chops of a Streisand (to whom she was often compared early in her career), she certainly can sing. I think I wore a hole in the CD back in the day listening to this over and over.

The key change around the 4:00 mark is pretty impressive.

Happy Saturday!

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