Friday, February 19, 2016

Aussie Bodybuilder Goes Viral In Naked High-Heeled Treadmill Trek

Aussie bodybuilder and health/nutrition store owner Dean Thomas has a viral video on his hands (over 11 million views on Facebook) after donning nothing but a pair of his wife's stilettos for a treadmill workout.

Via The Mirror:

“It started out as a joke on Facebook after a friend tagged me in a post about men who wear women’s clothes,” Dean told the Mirror.

“I think someone was having a laugh at some of the gear we wear at the competitions but I decided to humour them,” the 33-year-old bodybuilder added. “I was trying to think of ways to mess around and respond to them and Katherine got out a pair of her heels.”

“I’m a size 10 and she’s a four so I could only get three of my toes in really. She tied the laces around my ankles just to keep them in place. It was pretty tricky balancing at first but I soon got into a stride and it was quite quick by the end.”

“I’m not exactly shy so I wasn’t bothered about doing it in the buff. We had to cut if off though just in case Katherine caught my tackle on camera. I’ve no qualms with getting my kit off but you have to draw a line.”

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