Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 - produced by Marie Callender's

Like the original Pilgrims, Michael returns from foraging in the wilderness for our Thanksgiving feast.
p.s. check out the bicep.  Nice, right?

Armed with my cookbooks, I'm taken a bit aback.

Michael is so proud. 

Now, wait a minute.... Oven?  Microwave?


Michael attempts to help with the mashed potatoes

Michael poses to show how hard it is to unpack the box from MC. Note the flour splashed on his face...

"Look at me!  Look at all I prepared!"

Intimate but bountiful.  OK - I'm loving the ease of all this.

"Not yet, kids.... not yet...."

The glass table top helps to tell the backstage story of what's going on down under...

This pic represents pure love.  Not thinking it's love of Michael and I, but "pure love...."

I made Michael take this cheesy pic.  Thanks to wonder dog Bruno for photog duties.

Ok, I have to admit - Marie Callender's rocked Thanksgiving this year

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